Fallout 4 and restructuring the core

    15-Sep 25

    fallout 4 radiation storm With classes just about over for me and the current release of Fallout 4, ive managed to sink a bit of time into it. Now that ive had my fallout fix. At the end of level 31. With a little over 3.5 full days of gameplay experienced, i cant help but have a bittersweet feeling. Ive avoided most of the story. So i wont mention it too much or at all.

    As an Elder Scrolls fan and someone who barly played previous Fallout games, i really enjoyed Fallout 4. Around lvl 30, i couldnt help but have a bitter sweet feeling about this game. Especially, in regards to the variey of weapons, armor & interactions in the form of the radio, forced parcipitation of the story, and looting. So most of my analysis will from an elder scrolls perspective since i went into this wanting a "skyrim with guns".

    Cinematics are usually a bad way to get me into the game. Wasted time i could be spending actually playing, learning the game. Beginnings meh atom bomb goes off, blah blah time goes by and were out of the vault, lets get into the gameplay. I like how i can get into the game quickly even though theirs little character customization. Personally i disliked the beginning of fallout 3, i like getting into the actual game quicker so props Bethesda for not testing my patience.

  • Looting System

  • conscious interactive fallout 4 Loot The looting system is realtime based unlike skyrim and fallout 3s stop and search loot mechanic. Previous players of this series will have a bias of looting without risk and probably be annoyed when their attacked while looting a legendary enemy. There were many times ive died while looting thinking it would pause like previous games. Have no fear Bethesda has impelmented a transer loot system with the normal loot screen that looks strongly familar to previous games like Skyrim and Fallout 3 by pressing R on the keyboard while searching a body.

  • Weapons & Armor

  • fallout 4 revolver pipe rifle fallout 4 armor

    The gun play feels and sounds great whether its shooting through the iron sights or using vats. One of the best apsects that overall stick out of this game. Pipe rifles are cool but not enough modern looking weapons like the m14 looking gun the vault dweller uses in the commercial is alittle misleading since your gonna see alot of pipe rifles in that damn .38 round. I would really like to see more of a variety for the vanilla version. Its nice theres a decent variety of power armor scattered throughout the game. I also feel many pistols are missing calibers like .45 & and 9mm.

    Its got your shotsguns , sniper rifles and assault rifles but theirs too few of varities. . i feel no replayablilty in terms of a second entire playthrough of this game, i swear i would be using the same weapons i used in my other character eventually because of the lack of weapon variety. Compared to .Genrally theres alot of power armor to find scattered accross the game, above, below underwater, locked by behind a key, or terminal waiting to be claimed. The fusion core power armor runs only lasts about 20 minutes so by the time yoo clear one area ull need to store that suite or find more fusion cores to power it which aint easy or cheap buying from a vendor.

    Weapon and armor customization is probably one of the other most coolest systems in the game next to combat allowing you to increase clip sizes, reduce recoil, changes scopes and sights as well as stocks.

  • Settlements

  • fallout 4 sanctuary

    Not much to say, the building is a bit lackluster with little to no tutorial and settlements are not attacked enough, therefore i feel no point in the effort to create or use this system. Its obsurd sanctuary is never under attack when i have way more food than defense by a rediculous ratio of 1-40. Though i did create a fort in Sanctuary but couldnt get roofs to match with the walls. I put about 5-7 hrs into building stuff across the wasteland. I did end up giving my settlers extra armor and weapons. fallout 4vsettlement

  • Radio

  • fallout 4 radio I really like the radio in the pipboy, it is such a cool mechanic for quests and exploring the game. However its too repetitive, hearing Travis yell "OOO! Were gonna die!" every 20 minutes is unbearable. I want to keep my radio on but i cant stand hearing Grandma plays the numbers one more time. Had a great time killing ghouls in Lexington and exploring to some jazz. And why are all the songs sexually suggestive!? I wish alot more was done with this system i was expecting depth like Grand Theft Autos radio system. It would be nice and add more authticity if their was a funny talk radio station or two on wasteland life maby comprising of previous personalities even though not too many are memorable to me. I could see Piper having a radio station thats available when your not companions before you enter diamond city. I think that would be an interesting introduction to the character.

  • Story & Npcs

  • fallout 4 story Not much for the story, havent completed the main storyline so i wont touch on it really. One big gripe i have about the story and dialogue choice is that no matter what i say to give away i have a son...i dont understand how does does piper know my sons name is shawn if i never told her!? Could have done without the voiced player, i feel this goes against the role play nature of open-world Bethesda games. Wasted resources if you ask me. Missions and the better voiced characters they still arnt too memorable. the dialog system has been resticted and simplified compared to previous games. your decisions dont matter since you can explore every dialog optionand the result is usually the same so there is no "good" or "bad" really, as the game defined with the karma system in Fallout 3.

  • Asthetics

  • fallout 4 asthetics

    Played Skyrim on ultra, this game on runs my little laptop with a GT 650m now on low settings with vibrant lanscapes texture mod on still looks great. sadly a texture overhaul mod for the lanscape looks and is optimized better than vanillia. I think the lighting and color.

    fallout 4 radiation storm

    In the end i really like this game but i feel it lacks the detail and authenticity that Skyrim has. Theres bits of good experiences like being rewarded some power armor by searching a plane crash underwater. But i feel its nothing more than that. Too little unique weapons like the Deliverer pistol based on the PPK. I would like a karma system of some sort to have an effect on my decisions in the game. With fallout 4 being more heavily narative driven, unlike skyrim where i can role play my character, with fallout 4 i have no choice but be the vault dweller who has to save his son and investigate. No bugs besides the usual npc AI and companion stuff and dialog disengaging.

    fallout 4 radiation storm

    Like my analysis? Im no critic, just an inspiring game dev and fan of Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls. You can follow my deve progress & process here. Who knows when the creation kit comes out, i might fix one of these gripes with a mod.

    Binging on fallout 4, ive had a good hiatus on this project, and currently back to work on V.03 of the build involving town management, events, combat, and AI pathfinding tweak. Around V.05 i may have it open for a beta test .

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