Art of War


Quick update before things get rolling

Good day lords, chieftains, nobles or whatever you want to call yourselves, this week i have added a new functional player unit into the game, the ranged Celtic archer. The ranged archer unit can attack farther than a melee unit can. However the archer unit has no armor, so their vulnerable to close melee attacks. Since archers have no armor they deal just bit more damage than the average melee units do. I will post an image below of the rough implementation.

art of war game mediolanum archerTest

Now where was I ?

I wanna continue where i last left off in the last post on how damage is dealt in a.o.w. I previously mentioned how each different unit has a unique set of attack and defense points depending on what class of armor or weapon they use. For example leather armor will have a lower armor rating than chain-mail armor and leather units will be naturally cheaper to produce since mining is not involved to produce leather. An example for weapons would be a bronze weapon would be much cheaper to produce and deal less damage than a steel or iron weapon. This will create a strength and weakness in each different type of unit and a military/economic consequence in the mining or farming of those resources needed to produce. Before i end this post i want to introduce another mechanic that will greatly influence how damage is dealt, positioning. Positioning is the action or strategy the player will execute in which direction their units should face. If a unit is directly facing another enemy unit, normal damage will be applied, but if a unit is facing directly behind another unit, 2x additional damage is applied because from behind the unit is unprotected and unaware of attack from that direction. Also if an attack is engaged to the left or right side of an opponent, 1.5x the additional damage is applied.

In my next post i will start talking about the theme and history of the insular Celts who inhabited England. I wont be as able to focus as much time on A.O.W. in the next 2 weeks with final projects for school due. I have to complete a pacman game i been working on for my opengl class and something else unique with opengl. So ill be a little occupied with other coding projects. After i will then post a vlog with gameplay on YouTube and be in fourth gear developing the game. Be sure to follow me on twitter as well for current updates @ConsciousInt_CJ